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Rent Collection

Best Practices and Proven techniques on rent collection from apps, methods, and strategy

Added Revenue Ideas

Want more money? Do you know there are more ways to get revenue than just rent? We list our top findings.


Hard time communicating with your tenant? We collected the best articles and guides on how to best comms to tenants

Bookkeeping and Taxes

Taxes and Bookkeeping are boring but essential. Learn best practices to ensure you are getting the most benefits.

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Because managing your rental does not have to be this hard.

We have created multiple articles, how to's, and guides to help landlords maximize their revenue while making their life easier. We have insights from top talent property managers, top investment players, and the tech world.

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We have teamed up with a dedicated resource that scours the Nation for the best property managers. Once they have vetted and tested these managers they will connect landlords to them for FREE

Find more revenue from your rental property

We Are Here To Help Increase Your Revenue

Rent income is not the only revenue driver for your rental property. There are many avenues to increasing your revenue that are commonly used throughout the Nation. We have taken those industry standards and listed our top 4 ways to increasing your revenue that are not Rent.


Application Fees

One of the easiest revenue generators is charging an application fee. Typically this is $50-$80 depending on your market


Benefits Package

Common packaging of services for a flat monthly fee. Included could be credit reporting, filter deliveries, rewards, utility setup guide.


Pet Rent & Screen

Do you know that most renters have a pet and they will pay to have that privilege. Collect pet rent of $25-$50 per pet.


Add On's

Extra add on's increase revenue and lifestyle of residents which in turn has them stay longer. Such as smart devices and luxury.

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Weekly insights, articles, guides, and case studies about Rental Investments

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Below are some of our top requested guides and articles

Best Apps and Software

Lists and Articles of the best tech out there that helps landlords manage their properties. From rent collection, screening, maintenance, communication, accounting, taxes, real estate buying/selling, etc.

Best Tenant Guides / How To's

Guides and articles on the best ways to attract great tenants, dealing with tenants, applications, marketing, showings, communication, regulations, and other How To Tenant articles

Maintenance, Rehab, Design

The Best guides to maintenance coordination and execution, vendor networks, design, renovation, capital improvements, maintenance revenue, and everything related.

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Decrease in vacancy days


More Rent Price Average


Less Repair Days on Rehab

It has been proven that a great property manager maximizes your rental investment. The key is finding a great property manager among the thousands of not so great. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. We have teamed up with resource that does this for landlords for FREE. They find great property managers in your area for you in as little as 5 minutes.

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